Graham Dyck


Over the last three years, Central Canada’s Crooner, Graham Dyck, has been coming into his own, delighting fans with his romantic style and velvety vocals.

Growing up in Delisle, Saskatchewan, music was not the focal point in his young life. His parents had a household rule: in order to play sports — which felt like a must in their small town — he had to also play an instrument.


Looking back now, he can see that he always had an ear for swinging jazz, but he didn’t realize it until years later, when he sang for some friends at their wedding. One of their elderly relatives asked, “Why aren’t you the entertainment tonight?” The question sparked an epiphany.

After that, Graham started entering contests. CBC Radio held a singing competition, and he won, performing on live radio with no real direction, just a passion to continue.

By chance he met Saskatoon Jazz legend Maurice Drouin, who became a valuable mentor for Graham, helping him grow as a musician and an entertainer.

In 2012, Graham released his first album, “Just For You” on CD and iTunes. 2014 brought many new performance opportunities, a highlight being the SaskTel Jazz Festival in Saskatoon, where he performed a vocalist with many bands.

In 2015, Graham is working on a new album and performed under his own name at the SaskTel Jazz Festival. Under the tutelage of Maurice Drouin, he sings in a way that would make Ol’ Blue Eyes himself green with envy. His passion makes him a creative tour de force and he is often vocally compared to contemporaries like Michael Buble and Harry Connick Jr. His renditions of the music of Sinatra, Dean Martin and Bobby Darin (along with many others) are both powerful, personal, heartfelt and instantly catching.